Bach flower remedies: Application


Bach flower remedies can be used on different ways. The way depends of whether the condition is acute or chronic and whether the application is supposed to be carried out inwardly or externally.


The most popular application of the Bach flower remedies for the remedying of chronic and medium-term conditions is the regular use of drops.

  • Fill a 20-30 ml bottle with Brandy (because of the durability) to about a third.
  • Put 2 drops of each of the selected Bach flower remedies (maximum 7) into the bottle.
  • Fill up the rest with quiet mineral- or source water.
  • Take 4 times daily 4 drops of this mixture if you do not have any other dosage. At the beginning of a treatment sometimes there may be the feeling to want to take more of the drops and against end, the desire becomes less. By experience, it is meaningful to follow these feelings.

Water glass method

At acute conditions, it is a good idea to use the water glass method.

  • Fill a glass with mineral- or source water.
  • Drip 2 drops of the selected Bach flower remedies into the glass.
  • Stir the liquid.
  • Drink the flowery water in little sips distributed over the day.


For the external application of the Bach flower remedies, you can mix the Bach flowers to ointments and cremes.

  • Drip 2 drops of the selected Bach flower remedies into the ointment.
  • Stir the ointment well.
  • Put cream on you in the affected places with the ointment.

Further applications

  • Full bath
  • Use it pure on the skin (primarily Rescue Remedy )
  • At animals: In the drinking water
  • At plants: In the pouring water