Bach flower remedies: List of the 38 Bach flower remedies


Here you can find a short description of the Bach flower remedies.


Agrimony One tries to hide haunting thoughts and inner unrest behind a fassade of cheerfulness and carelessness.
Aspen Inexplainable, vague trepidations, premonitions, secret fear of any threatening disaster.
Beech Criticism addiction, arrogance, intolerance. One condemnes others without any empathy.
Centaury Weakness of the own will. Over reaction to the wishes of others. Its good-naturedness is easily made use of. One can't say "no".
Cerato Lack of confidence into the own intuition.
Cherry-Plum Fear to let go; fear of losing the intellect; fear of psychological panic actions; short-tempered temperament outbreaks.
Chestnut Bud The same mistakes are made again and again because one does not process his experiences really and does not learn enough from it.
Chicory Possessive personality attitude that interferes excessively and criticizes. One expects full devotion from its surroundings and breaks into self-pity if one does not get his will.
Clematis Daydreamer, that is always somewhere else with the thoughts; shows little attention for the surroundings.
Crab Apple One feels dirty inside and outside, impurely or infected. "The cleansing blossom."
Elm The temporary feeling that its task or responsibility is too much to be handled.
Gentian Skeptically, doubting, pessimistically, easily dispiritedly.
Gorse Without hope, completely despair.
Heather Self obtained, occupies completely with itself, needs permanently audience. "The small needful child."
Holly Jealousy, suspicion, hate- and envy feelings at all levels.
Honeysuckle Longing for the past; sorry about things passed. Does not live in the present.
Hornbeam Tiredness; mental exhaustion as a condition that lasts for a while or longer.
Impatiens Impatiently, easily irritably, over shooting reactions.
Larch Expectation of failures through lack of self-confidence. Inferiority complexes.
Mimulus Specific fears that one can name; timidity, fear of the world.
Mustard Periods of deep melancholy suddenly come and go without recognizable cause.
Oak The fighter struck down and exhausted, the one who nevertheless continues bravely and never gives up.
Olive Total exhaustion, extreme fatigue of body and spirit.
Pine Self-reproaches, fault feelings, discouragement.
Red Chestnut Exaggerated worries about others.
Rock Rose Extremely acute anxiety states, terror, panic feelings.
Rock Water Severeness and rigid views, suppressed needs, his personality is sacrificed on the altar of its ideals that were set too high.
Scleranthus Irresolute, jerky, unbalanced, Opinion and mood change from moment to the other.
Star of Bethlehem After-effects of bodily, psychological or intellectual shocks. No matter whether taking place long ago or recently. "The soul comforter and pain calmer."
Sweet Chestnut Deepest despair. One thinks that the limit of this which a human being can bear is reached now.
Vervain In the over-zeal to fight for a thing, one over-exploitates its powers. Irritable to fanatical.
Vine Dominating unscrupulously, power-hungrily. "The little tyrant."
Walnut Temporary annihilation feeling, suggestibility and fickleness during decisive new beginning phases in the life. "The blossom that makes the breakthrough."
Water Violet At times: Inner stand-offishness, proud restraint, isolated superiority feeling.
White Chestnut Specific thoughts circle incessantly in the head, one does not get rid of them, inner self conversations and dialogues again and again.
Wild Oat Indetermination of the ambitions, dissatisfaction because one does not find its life's work.
Wild rose Indifferentness, apathy, resignation, inner capitulation.
Willow Inner grudge, bitterness. "The victim of the destiny."