Bach flower remedies: Rescue Remedy

The Rescue Remedies are an extra-special combination of 5 Bach flower remedies that are particularly suitable for acute emergency situations.

An emergency according to these drops can be a severe accident or only an unpleasant letter. The area of use is accordingly far. If a little child fetched a bump they help as well as at a termination or the death of relatives.

They should always be ready mixed available in a bottle. Give 4 drops of the Rescue Remedies on a 30 ml bottle.

In addition they are useful for the water glass method, as an ointment, pure on the skin, charged upon repoting plants, critical situations at pets etc.


Star of Bethlehem Against shock and anaesthesia and as an integrator of the personality.
Rock Rose Against terror and panic feelings.
Impatiens Against mental stress and tension.
Cherry Plum Against the fear of losing control.
Clematis Against the tendency to fade, befor one loses consciousness.