Flower Essences: Equipment


To prepare Flower Essences you only need little equipment.

Here you find a short list of needed materials and tools:

  • Glas bowl
  • Stock bottles
  • Dosages bottles
  • Mineral water
  • Brandy

Additional tools

  • Pipette
  • Small funnel

Glass bowl

The most important tool is a bowl of glass.

For sure you can take any glass bowl, but I bought a special bowl that will be taken only to prepare flower essences.

When the bowl is not used, I put it at a nice place where it can recover from its "work" to prepare flower essences.

Stock bottles

In the stock bottles you can fill the ready-made mother essence.

I found, that bottles with 250 ml content are a good size. I bought these bottles in a pharmacy.

Dosage bottles

The bottles where you mix the essence with water and brandy for the daily use can be much smaller. From 10 ml up to 50 ml all sizes are ok. Most people use 30 ml (1 oz) bottles.

Best are bottles with their own pipettes. This helps to ease the use of the essences. But you can also take bottles without pipette. They are usually much cheaper.

Mineral water

The best water would be fresh spring-water.

But still mineral water from a bottle is also good, if you don't have a spring.


To conserve the flower essences you need brandy or other alcoholic liquid.

The use of the brandy helps to keep the flower essences for years.

Brandy has a fine taste an its brown color gives more optical substance to the essence. But white alcohols are good as well.

If you don't want to use alcohol, you can use vinegar instead.


A pipette helps to put a precise dosage in the bottles.

You can buy them in pharmacies. Some pipettes fit directly on bottles.

Small funnel

A funnel helps to pour water and brandy in the bottles.