Flower Essences: Sun Method

Here you find an instruction how-to prepare flower essences with the sun method.

The sun method is the prefered method to make flower-essences. Als Edward Bach used the sun method for most of his Bach flower remedies.

Using the sun method you use the power of the sun to tranfer the vibrations of the flowers to the water.

Before you start, you should read the page about the equipment.

Important! Only possible on sunny days

Because it is the sun, that should transfer the vibrations to build a mother essence, that sun method only works on sunny days. You need at least three hours of sunshine.

In late winter, springtime or autumn you maybe need to wait for days until you cache a day that is sunny enough. It helps to watch the weather-report.

How to do it

  1. First you pour clear water into the glass bowl.
  2. Then the path leads to the flowers.
  3. If you want to use flowers that do not grow near the house, of course you go to the flowers first and then fill the water into the bowl.
  4. I think it's nice about the flowers if you tell them what you want from them before you pick them.
  5. Then you pick the flowers and put them on the water in the bowl.
  6. It is best to use a leaf to touch the flowers so that you don't have to touch them with your fingers.
  7. The surface of the glass bowl should be covered by the flowers.
  8. To influence the flowering forces on the water, place the glass bowl in a sunny place.
  9. It is very nice when you find a suitable place in a meadow or between flowers.
  10. But the bowl should also be able to stand securely and undisturbed in its place.
  11. In case of doubt, this criterion goes beyond the idyll.
  12. Then leave the flower bowl to stand for at least three hours.
  13. You can sit down or visit the bowl from time to time to take part in the process of flower essence creation.
  14. The flower essence is ready after three hours.
  15. This floral water is also called "mother essence" (together with the preserving brandy).
  16. In the case of the snowdrops in this example, the flowers continued to bloom over the course of three hours and started to smell wonderful.
  17. Most of the time you don't even know that snowdrops smell wonderful because they grow so close to the ground and the cold prevents the fragrance from escaping.
  18. You can now bring the flower bowl inside and process it further.
  19. If you are far away from home, you can also do the following steps out of the house.
  20. Next you need the mother essence bottle.
  21. A funnel helps to fill the water, which is enriched with flower vibrations, into the bottle.
  22. The bottle should be about half full.
  23. If you have too much water, you can pour it where the flowering plants grow and thank them.
  24. You can also take a few sips of the water or wet your forehead to tune into the flower essence.
  25. To preserve the mother essence, fill the second half of the bottle with brandy.
  26. Then you close the bottle and shake it briefly to mix the watery essence with the brandy.
  27. Finally, the bottle is labeled with the content and date.
  28. In order to get to know the new essence, it is advisable to prepare a bottle of drink straight away and to take drops of it regularly over the next few days.

Take a clean glas bowl, preferable a bowl that is used only for this task.

Pour water into the bowl.

Then go to the flowers.

If you want to use flowers far from your home, you should go first to the flowers and fill the bowl, when you reached the flowers.

I think it's friendly to tell the flowers what you want to do with them before you start collecting them.

Collect the flowers and put them into the bowl on the water.

You can use a leave to touch the flowers to avoid touching the flowers with your fingers.

The surface of the water should be covered with blossoms.

Now put the bowl at a sunny place.

It is very nice if you have such a place on a meadow or between the flowers.

But the most important thing is, that the bowl can sit there without disturbance.

Leave the bowl in the sun for at least three hours.

You can sit beside the bowl or visit it from time to time to share the experience of the transformation of the water to a flower essence.

After three hours the flower essence is ready.

This essence can be called "mother-essence" (including the conservating brandy).

You can now carry the flower bowl into the house.

If you are far away from home you can do the following steps outside.

Now you need the stock bottle for your mother-essence.

A funnel helps to pour the flower-water into the bottle.

Fill half of the bottle.

If you have too much water you can pour the leftover water to the place where you got the flowers from and you can say "thank you" to the flowers.

You can also drink some of the leftover water to tune into the new flower essence.

To conservate the mother-essence you can fill half of the bottle with brandy.

Then close the bottle and shake it to mix brandy and the essence.

The last step is to label the bottle with content and date.

To make friend with your new flower essence, you can prepare a dosage-bottle and take the flower drops during the next days.