Flower Essences: Usage

Selfmade flower essences can be used like Bach flower remedies.

Typical kind of uses are

  • Dosage bottles
  • Water glas bottles
  • Creams and ointments
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Also the choice of the flower essences is similar to the choice of Bach flower remedies.

You can choose flower essences by their properties, you can take the bottle by your intuition or you can watch images of the flowers and choose by feeling.

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The principle how flower essences work is not based on natural sciences.

The properties of the flowers are transfered to the mother essence by vibrations.

When using flower essences the vibrations of the flowers stimulates the vibrations inside people and help them to develop.

Therefore flower essences don't help against physical problems but instead help the development of the soul of people. Sometimes physical problems can be allayed indirectly if the result from problems of the soul.