Report: 05/04: Buds

The marigolds hve build long stalks and some buds are waiting for unfolding.

I hope they soon start blossoming.

Now the herb-container sits always in the courtyard on a wooden cupboard at the wall.

This is a nice proteced place with more sun than before.

The marigold-plants have grown a lot.

The thyme didn't grew much.

Maybe it doesn't have enough sun, so maybe I will put the herb container into the garden sometimes, where is more sun shining.

And here we can see the buds of the marigold.

On this picture you need to look rather close but in reality the bud seems to be very strong as if it wants to unfold quite soon.

The other marigolds have small buds as well.

So we can hope for blossoming soon.

The majoram doesn't have much place beside the big marigolds.

But it could easily grow over the edge of the container.

I hope it will do this soon.

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