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To find an information about a topic just enter the keywords and click on the "Search" button. The more keywords you enter, the more precise will be the results.

The search engine has extended possibilities to find exactly what you want.

Here are some examples:

+bronchitis +rheumatism
Means: includes husten, includes rheumatism
Finds "helps against bronchitis and rheumatism"
Doesn't find "Good against asthma and bronchitis".

-bronchitis +rheumatism
Means: no bronchitis, includes rheumatism
Finds "good against rheumatism".
Doesn't find "helps against bronchitis and rheumatism".

"Chronic rheumatism"
Means: includes "Chronic rheumatism"
Finds "Chronic rheumatism".
Doesn't find "Joint rheumatism"

and skin and allergi*
Means: includes skin, includes words, that start with "allergi".
Finds "allergic skin problems", "allergies and dry skin".
The * is a placeholder for up to 4 letters.

Remark: All keywords that contain at least one capital letter are searched case-sensitive. All keywords that only contain small letters are searched case-insensitve.
The asterisk "*" is a powerful feature to search, but it has some limitations.

  • It doesn't search across word breaks.
  • You can't use it inside a word.
  • It can only substitute a maximum of 4 letters.
  • It can only be used in words with at least 3 leading letters.

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