Flower Essences: Chickweed Essence

Chickweed symbolizes staying power, obstinacy and self-confidence.

It can help us to keep our courage even in difficult situations and to stay on our way of life. Therefore we can dedicate ourself to our mission in life.

Even invectives don't disturb us, and we can trust our own judgement.

Chickweed properties

The chickweed can grow on cultivated soil and protect it from erosion. It is like a living mulch and comes back bravely always when it is removed.

Obviously the chickweed has chosen the mission to protect fertile ground against wind and water. This mission is also followed in wintertime, because the chickweed grows even in cold times.

The chickweed is faithful to its mission even when the gardeners and farmers throw nasty words on it and remove the chickweed ever and ever again. The lots of seeds, that the chickweed produces, helps it to come back again without losing its courage.

Hint: because the flowers of the chickweed are so small, I have chosen a very small glas bowl to prepare the flower essence.

Flowering time: March until October

View: Chickweed

Who can be helped by Chickweed Essence?

The Chickweed essence can help people that:
  • tend to despair
  • think on giving up what they do
  • have already given up
  • suffer from mobbing
  • have to stand harsh criticism
  • doubt on themselves
  • feel small and bad
  • are missing obstinacy
  • need more staying power

Overcoming the Chickweed-condition

If one has overcome the self-doubts of the negative Chickweed-condition one can find new confidence to oneself and to ones own aim in life.

One gains obstinacy and can succeed against resistance with new staying power.

Therefore one can devote to its own mission of life with strong confidence.