Flower Essences: Prehistory


From Bach Flower Remedies to your own Flower Essences

I really love the Bach Flower Remedies, but I dislike, that the only contact to the flowers of these remedies is a liquid in a bottle. One can read books and watch images, but all this is somehow distant. As I like a direct contact to herbs, I always missed something with Bach Flower Remedies.

Also I am a bit astranged by the idea, that the plant for Bach Flower Remedies should only be collected near the place where Edward Bach lived. This idea may be perfectly good for Edward Bach and his neighbours, but what about people from other regions of the world? I am also sorry for the flowers in Edward Bachs area, if they are all collected to treat the whole world. I prefer the idea of Paracelsus who recommends to use herbs from the region where one lives.

So I thought it is a good idea to make my own Flower Essences.

Flower Essences from all over the world

Whe I started to inform about selfmade Flower Essences, I found out that I am not the first one with this idea.

In California some people developed Californian Flower essences already decades ago. Also in Australia there are famous Flower Essences. And if you search a bit more, you can find out, that there are Flower Essences from nearly all regions of the world.

Selfmade Flower Essences from local plants

The most interesting Flower Essences for me are those, where the plants grow in my home area.

Even with this interest, I am not alone. There are a lot of people that collect flowers near their home to prepare Flower Essences.

To encourage more and more people to prepare their own Flower Essences I offer a how-to for producing Flower Essences with the sun method.

From time to time I will add more flowers and description of their usages. The description of the usages will come from other sources, where people connected to flowers and I will connect myself to the flowers and find out more details of their possible uses.

In the beginning I will concentrate on plants growing in my garden, because here we have a lot of wild herbs and I can get in deep contact with them because I can see them day by day.