Kombucha: History

Kombucha is known since the middle ages in Southern Russia and the Balkan. People there use it as a universal remedy for cleaning and regeneration of the body.

Before this Kombucha came from East Asia, where reports about Kombucha exists already from the 2th century before Chr.

414 after Chr. Kombucha was brought from China to Japan, because the emperor wanted this. But later it was forgotten.

In the 1920th a japanese female doctor discovered the Kombucha in the Caucasus. The doctor was researching about the longevity of the people in the Caucasus Mountains.

In the village Karkasok she found lots of very old people, some above 100 years, that where very healthy and still working on the fields.

There was one factor that was shared by all these people:


She took the Kombucha culture home to Japan and learned to prepare the potion in a simplified way.

From there and the Philppines the Kombucha came to Europe and America.

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