Basics for preparing ointments and creams



The most important thing when preparing ointments and creams is to work as clean as possible. Without cleanness the creams spoil rather soon.

Clean the table where you work and wash all the tools you need as hot as possible. Best is if you use a dish washer.


To get good creams and ointments the quantities should be precise.

You could use the following tools to measure the quantities:

  • Measuring spoon (2 ml ~ 2 gr)
  • Tea spoon (5 ml)
  • Measuring cup (100 ml)
  • Fine balance

Production process

Usually I heat the parts of the ointments or creams in simple glasses (used for jam).

I put the glasses in a pan with water to heat them softly.

Heat-resistant glass beakers that can stand directly on the cooking-stove are more luxury but for the beginning jam glasses are fine.


Ointments consist only on fat and substances that dissolve in fats.

These are

  • herbal oil
  • beeswax
  • cocoa butter
  • shea butter
  • wool wax
  • lard
  • cooking fat


Creams consist on a fatty part, a watery part and an emulsifier to combine both.

The emulsifier connects oil and water and builds up a soft cream like we are used from cosmetic products.

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