Bach flower remedies: Choice of the flowers


Learn about the flowers

A good method for the choice of the currently suitable Bach flower remedies is, if you clarify which areas the problem is in and select suitable blossoms.

For this purpose, it is favorable if you get knowledge about the single blossoms.


Bach flower cards

Some people use Bach flower remedy cards that are pulled intuitively.

Choice by intuition

Or you can pull the bottles by intuition.

For this method you need a complete set of the Bach flower remedies (= 38 bottles + Rescue Remedys).

How many flowers per mixture?

The number of the blossoms is swaying between 1 and 7. more than 7 blossoms should not be used at the same time so that it is not so baffling for the organism.

After a bottle is used up it always makes sense to determine a new combination of blossoms unless you have the feeling that the same mixture will be right once again.

Sources of supply

You can buy Bach flower remedies in pharmacies (this is the situation in Germany).

A whole set with 38 Bach flower remedies is expensive this way.

If you make an England vacation, you get complete sets there cheaper.