Report: 2/19: First Steps

On this page you find a report about sowing the herbs.

Here you can see the seed bags in the still empty container.

It is a simple container made off plastic.

A more luxurious container is possible as well.

The container should get several holes.

This is important to prevent the mold from getting too wet.

Then you need to put pebble stones or polystyrene chunks into the container.

The next step is filling the garden-mold into the container.

We have used simple mold, that is pre fertilized.

In a garden herbs don't need fertilizer but a small container doesn't have enough soil for growing without fertilizer.

Leave at least 5 cm empty up to the top. Later we will add 2 cm of mold above the seeds.

Water the mold before sawing.

The mold should be humid but not wet after watering.

Then its time to saw.

At the outsides we saw thyme and majoram. The marigold should go to the center.

Now the seeds are on the mold.

Let's have a close look:

The majoram at the right side.

The are small and brownish.

On the mold they are hard to see.

In the middle you can see the marigold seeds.

They are rather big and have a strange form.

The marigold-seeds we have sawn are too much, if they all build flowers. If this is the case we will need to remove some of them.

The seeds of the thyme are on the left side.

They are even smaller than the majoram seeds.

Fill 2-3 cm of mold on top of the seeds.

There should still be some free space up to the top, to make watering easy.

Water the mold.

Be careful not to displace the seeds.

For knowing which herb is at which place you can label the places with plastic stickers.

Now we put the container into the kitchen where it is warm.

You could also plye it directly to the window-sill but outside it is still to cold in february (in the middle of europe).

Put the container on the saucer to prevent from water on the floor.

Now we need to wait and water the mold regulary. It should always be humid but not wet.

When everything is normal, we have to waite so long:

  • Majoram: 15-20 days
  • Marigold: 10-15 days
  • Thyme: 20-30 days

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