Report: 2/26: Light

Because of the early germing I am in difficult situation, specially because winter came back and outside it is very cold and grey.

The problem is, that I don't have a sunny windowsill. I wanted to grow the herbs outside in the garden to give them enough light. But now it is much to cold for the small sprouts.

What to do?

In an outside room I have several fluorescent lamps under a long table, where I put young plants in cold nights and days in springtime. There the plants can grow free of frost. But in the moment it is too cold even in this outside room and I don't like to heat this room for a lot of money.

Therefore I took a fluorescent lamp and hang it from a wooden frame. This frame I put over the herb container.

Now the herbs can stay in the warm kitchen and have enough light to grow.

I let the light burn 24 hours a day, because I have very good experience with this way. But you can also switch off the light in the night.

The young herbs seem to like the new light, because more and more are comming out of the soil.

The marigolds are already seven small plants. There are new plant every few hours.

The first marigodl-germs already show their two green leaves.

The thyme plants are germing very fast too.

There are already twenty of them and always when I have a look there are more.

A single majoran has grown as well.

It is still very small, but better small than now majoram.

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