Report: 13/03: Sprouting

The herbs are diligently sprouting.

There are still new sprouts every day but I guess the most plants are already growing in the light.

The marigold-plants already have long "ears" and some of them show their third leave.

But this is still very small.

The container has filled significantly.

Beside the container I put yellow glue stripes against small insects that have grown in the soil. I guess the soil was maybe to old, because it was from last year. But the glue stripes help to catch the insects.

Here you can see the little thyme plants.

They are really tiny and fragile.

The marigold babies are quite numerous.

Maybe I will have to kill some of them later. But now I waite to see how they develop.

And here we have the little majorams.

They came last, but now they are quite numerous as well.

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