Report: 04/04: Growing

The plants in the herb-container are growing nicely and develop how I wanted.

In the daytime the herbs are brought outside to enjoy the sun that is becoming lighter and warmer.

They also like the wind.

The wind is making the plants stronger.

Here you can see one of the small thyme-plants.

It already looks like a real thyme and its brothers too.

The marigolds have got their typical leaves, like a long egg with the wider side on top.

How I thought, there are too much marigold-plants but I don't like to kill the smaller ones - poor little plants.

I hope that they manage by themself. Some of the plants look already very thin and small. Maybe they stay small.

The majoram-plants look like real majorams.

They grow a little bit chaotic, but that's the way they are.

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