Report: 05/29: Harvest

Ringelblume The herb-container is prospering good and the marigolds are sprawling.

Therefore the marigold plants must be reduced a little bit, even when I don't like to cut them.

I will take this opportunity to make a first harvest and to prepare a cream from the first small crop. For a cream I only need a little bit of herbs.


The herb-container is rather overgrown.

Some of the marigolds are blooming, others are already finished with blooming.

I cut the withered blossoms because I think it is to early for seeds.

Later when the marigolds have blossomed for some months I will keep the withered blossom, that seeds have the chance to ripen.

Next I cut some of the fresh blossoms and some leaves of thyme and majoram.

This is my first small harvest.

From this first crop I prepare a herbal-oil and a cream.

Now a glance onto the different herbs.

Here you can see the majoram that gets longer and longer.

The marigolds are too much, like I feared from the beginning on. They use too much place.

It's hard to cut some of them, but needed.

I cut some of the marigold plants today.

And here you can see the thyme.

It is developping nicely but compared to the marigold it is really tiny.

Now we can see the herb container after cutting.

Ok, there is not much difference, though I cut a lot of plants.

Now I will wait some time how it will develop. If needed, I will cut more of the marigolds.

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