Report: 05/14: Blossoming

The first blossom is blooming in the herb container - Hooray!

Ok, the blossoming of a marigold-flower is not so much worldshaking, but for this herb-container it is the first blossom and therefore it is something special.

Like the marigold-plants are rather small, as I wanted them, the blossom is rather small also. But its colour is very strong with a bright orange.

05/12: - Early evening:

The bud shows some orange petals.

05/13: - Lunchtime:

The first petals free themself out of the bud.

05/13: - Early evening:

Hooray! It's blooming. :-)

This blooming was a very short one, because when the evening came the blossom closed again for the night.

05/14: - Lunchtime:

The flower has unfolded fully and brings nice orange colour to the herb-container.

Now the view on the whole herb-container.

This time from above, standing in the sunlight.

Here the area of the marigolds.

They grow very strong and some of the other marigolds will blossom quite soon.

The thyme plants are developping good and they smell like thyme very strong.

The majoram plants are also smelling strong.

They started growing over the container now.

Soon the box will not be visible any more because of all the plants that are growing inside.

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